Top 10 Houseplants with Fun Foliage

There are tons of possibilities for houseplants with interesting leaves, such as polka dots or pinstripes. Houseplant specialist Madison Moulton offers a selection of 10 houseplants with colorful foliage for individuals who would like a little extra fun in their homes.

You may choose a houseplant to fit every type of decor or style in your house. There is a vast selection of black houseplants that are suitable if you enjoy drama. Houseplants are the best option if you’re a newbie and want something simple and fuss-free.

10 Houseplants with Fun Foliage

Tropical container plants are a great option for anyone who would want a little extra excitement in their homes. The best options for interesting foliage are these ten houseplants. There are countless options for those who enjoy houseplants to expand their collection because of the diversity of colors, patterns, textures, and shapes.

10. Snake Plant

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Because of its long, pointed leaves, snake plants—also referred to as mother-in-law’s tongue—are a popular choice for novice indoor gardeners. Just this structure produces interesting foliage; several kinds of houseplant Dracaena have long, flat, curly, or even cylindrical leaves. However, the brilliant greens, creams, and yellows of the variegation patterns further enhance the whimsical nature of this plant.

The fact that snake plants are so simple to reproduce is one of the main advantages of planting them. To increase the size of your collection, grow additional houseplants from pups, single leaves, or divisions.

09. Dumb Cane

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Additionally well-liked for their low-maintenance requirements, dumb canes are perfect for hardier sections of your house where finicky plants wither away rapidly. The lively pattern that the lime or cream patches in the middle of the vibrant green foliage creates is sure to draw your attention.

Eat nothing of this plant! Its common name, dumbcane, originates from the poisonous sap that, when consumed, renders a victim speechless. Although it’s not the best plant to have around kids or pets, it’s great for those seeking interesting leaves.

08. Chinese Evergreen

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Chinese evergreens are the common name for plants in the Aglaonema genus. The best thing about these tropical plants is how simple they are to maintain. Low moisture and low light levels are easily tolerated by them. Nevertheless, with vibrant leaves in a variety of playful designs, these houseplants have a great deal of aesthetic appeal.

The majority of Chinese evergreens have green leaves with interestingly shaped silver or cream highlights. If you want a flash of color, you can even select kinds with hints of pink or red in the leaf.

07. Philodendron Micans

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One of my all-time favorites is Philodendron micans, another member of the Philodendron genus. Though not as stunning as “Birkin,” it is a little easier to locate.

Micans, the specific epithet for this houseplant, derives from the shimmering shine that appears when sunlight touches the leaves. Under the correct lighting, the burgundy-hued, deep green leaves appear to be bursting with sparkle. When the vines cascade in front of bright windows, you may get a close-up look at the shimmering leaves.

06. Philodendron ‘Birkin’

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Another plant with stripes is the philodendron ‘Birkin,’ which has cream-colored stripes covering its green foliage. Prayer plant leaves have a fairly consistent pattern, but “Birkin” pinstripes are distinct, giving each leaf that emerges a distinct appearance.

Beginners adore philodendrons because of their resilience to neglect. While “Birkin” shares this trait, it is a little pickier about light if you want the leaves to maintain their vibrant hue. Growing this plant shouldn’t be too difficult if you give it a location with good indirect light.

05. Prayer Plant

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Although prayer plants are sometimes known as calatheas, Maranta leuconeura is the conventional name for this tropical species that has almost artificial-looking leaves. The foliage of this houseplant is very entertaining, including stripes that run along the sides in cream or pink, gradients of green, and a contrasting center.

After the leaves move, Maranta leuconeura is referred to as the praying plant. Although you won’t be able to see them move quickly, if you observe them during the day, you’ll be able to witness the leaves changing in response to the sun, which adds still another entertaining aspect.

04. Pinstripe Calathea

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Depending on your tastes for houseplant design, you can choose from a wide variety of Calathea species with interesting foliage. Calathea ornata is my favorite and one of the most widely available calatheas if you want plenty of stripes. The glossy sheen over the top draws attention to the faint pink pinstripes against the perfect backdrop of dark green leaves.

It is true that callatheas are known to be dramatic, particularly when watering. It feels like my striped cathea is going to fall off the moment I look away. To make sure you never forget to water them, keep them in a visible location. Also, it will guarantee that you can take in the colorful leaves up close.

03. Croton Plant

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Another houseplant that gives a special touch is croton, which comes in vibrant colors and intriguing designs. These leaves have hues of brilliant green, orange, red, pink, and yellow that are quite blinding.

Regretfully, there is a price for these benefits. Since crotons tend to lose their leaves, they are not the best plants for novices to handle. However, they will look nice all year long if you limit movement and maintain regular conditions.

02. Nerve Plant

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Though belonging to a different species entirely (Fittonia spp.), the nerve plant shares many physical characteristics with the polka dot plant, such as stature and form. Similar colors are also available, however they are arranged differently. If you’re not into polka dots, this houseplant has interesting foliage that has a name that comes from a contrasting linear pattern along the veins that resembles nerves.

You may keep your nerve plant small by limiting the size of the pot. However, given the correct circumstances, they can spread out very quickly, which makes them perfect for potting into larger containers.

01. Polka Dot Plant

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The polka-dot plant, or Hypoestes phyllostachya, is a fairly entertaining little plant. These plants get their name from the mottled pattern on their leaves, which includes regions of vivid hues like lime, cream, and pink.

much while polka dot houseplants are visually striking on their own, planting multiple color variations in the same container makes them appear much more striking. Because of their little size, they are also perfect for adding a much-needed splash of color to terrariums.

Final Thoughts

Growing one of these 10 houseplants will provide you with endless enjoyment in the world of houseplants. It will be difficult for ardent collectors to resist wanting them all.

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